Baltic Sea - hidden cargo

by L  

An exhibition in the frame of Greifswald's literature spring

The Baltic Sea is among the most popular holiday regions in Germany. But also one of the most polluted seas of the world. But this - hardly no one likes to know. The photographer Marcus Wildelau takes images of the Baltic of pristine aesthetic and diffident beauty. But there is more than the humble reduction the artist shows to us. He also reveals a narrative of the rational, of facts distorting the aesthetic of the images. The dumbing of chemical and conventional bomb shells or mercury, eutrophication and overfishing lead to ambivalence and to irritation between known facts - submerged into the invisible - and the visible beauty of the sea.

We in FINC appreciate this tension and we are convinced that we need more than facts and rational understanding to come from knowledge to action. We need sensuality for nature and its contemporaries because only what we love, we can protect. As a consequence, we curated the exhibition shown for the first time in Greifswald. By discovering the Baltics invisible cargo the fragility of visible nature should became apparent. 

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