Nature conservation on Iran


  • Technical support
  • Exchange of (scientific) knowledge
  • Training

End of July 2017, in the midst of the summer, we travelled across Iranian deserts in search of beauty. The beauty of history, wildlife and above all the magnificence of landscapes, vast and barren below a single cloud in an empty sky. Crossing the deserts of Siah-Kouh or climbing the arid mountains of Gamishloo National Park, following old tracks into the Cheetah Reserve of Daranjir, resting beside a wild pistachio tree in Jupar Protected Area or feeling the hot breath of the Lut Desert - where hostility and beauty become twins – the beauty of nature can be found still manifold in Iran. 

Due to that, in 2015 FINC in the wake of a nuclear deal signed and a most progressive atmosphere in the country we started several cooperation projects in Iran. 

With scientific studies on livestock carrying capacities in a protected area, training of civil society, investment in rural development and income generating measures or technical and practical support to visitor structures in protected areas – FINCs engagement in the country has a wide range and will continue – also in more difficult times.