Parvar Protected Area/ Iran

A House of Nature targeting to include local inhabitants into the management of Parvar Protected Area could be the key for a participartory conservation approach.

What we do

  • Supporting the developement of a visitor centre
  • Providing expertise on protected area management
  • Advising on organisational development

Parvar Protected Area/ Iran

Climbing towards the hill top of this dry, barren and rocky mountain slope, we pass dead Juniper trees in their beautiful ornamental shape. Spaning the range from desert to broadleaved oak forest, Parvar is a jewel among the Iranian conservation sites.

Together with Parham and Ashkan of EWP, one of FINCs partner in Iran, as well as ranger of the protected area we are on the way to check camera traps for images of the still frequent Persian Leopard or the similiar frequent poachers. Poaching and increasing, unregulated tourism are the main threats to the areas natural diversity and beauty. As a first stepp to adress this, we will now establish the "House of Nature" in Parvar, a space where education, communication and conservation will meet and the beauty of landcapes, species and local culture will be displayed.