The long road - Summer 2017

What we did

  • Travelling 3000 km
  • Visiting 10 protected areas
  • Searching for one model region for protected area development

Travelling in search of beauty

End of July 2017, in the midst of the summer, we travelled across Iranian deserts in search of beauty. The beauty of history, wildlife and above all the magnificence of landscapes, vast and barren below a single cloud in an empty sky. Together with Parham Dibadj and Ashkan Askurion, nestled in a car with windows wide open, we crossed the Siah-Kouh desert, climbed the arid mountains of Gamishloo National Park and followed some old tracks into the Cheetah Reserve of Daranjir. We felt the hot breath of the Lut Desert where hostility and beauty become twins. And amongst gazelles, wild sheep and goats we rest ourselves beside a wild pistachio tree in Jupar Protected Area.

Travelling 3000 km and visiting ten protected landscapes, we searched for a model region for protected area development- and found beauty everywhere. We found one particular area exemplary in wildlife and habitat conservation, an area where natural and cultural beauty could be experienced – by more visitors than just us. Which one – will be announced soon.