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Mission Statement & Principles

  1. The FINC Foundation, based in Greifswald, Germany, is an independent, non-profit organisation of legal capacity, established on 04/09/2015.
  1. FINC is has an operational focus and promotes the implementation of environmental and nature conservation actions on a global scale.
  1. The work of the Foundation FINC rests on three programmatic pillars
    // Hidden Heros – Action for Implementation //
    // Research for Development //
    // Documentation //
  1. FINC’s partners are striving to achieve positive and sustainable change in conservation, enforce compliance with existing laws, or to bring media attention to areas of ecological upheaval.
  1. FINC is convinced that within this scope, personality, commitment, passion and the individual urge to change environmental, social or societal issues are a key to success.
  1. Consequently, FINC works primarily with targeted civil-society grassroots institutions and networks who:
    // question the existing status quo,
    // have a provocative agenda based on direct actions,
    // address the roots of ecological problems and
    // are characterised by strong voluntary and long-term commitment.
  1. Local and individual engaged groups and individuals who fight for the preservation of explicit spaces, protected natural assets, biodiversity and traditions can guarantee the successful implementation of these goals for us.
  1. FINC provides expertise and funds to these groups, based on our thorough assessment of proposed projects and the partners’ institutional structure.
  1. Due to an envisaged intensive cooperation and FINC’s deliberately lean structure, only a limited number of new partnerships will be established annually.
  1. Within the partnership, FINC only promotes and implements projects that have a clear structure, a work plan and timetable, and which guarantee measurable and evaluable results.
  1. Unconventional approaches and campaigns that have little or no support from third parties are valued by us. Projects that pursue the acquisition of land or contain no grassroots approach will be supported by us only in exceptional cases.
  1. Through the use of its own resources, FINC pursues a lever approach to the acquisition of funding for implementation projects. Furthermore, FINC actively conducts fundraising to increase the financial capital stock and the expansion of the operating range.

Our points

Hidden Heroes 13
Research for Development 13
Documentation 13

Exemplary project vision of FINC’s core programme


A loose association of young Uzbek activists in the field of wildlife research is committed to the development of a nature reserve. Technically experienced, they have developed concepts and plans for the area and try to find the funding for implementation. Driven by annual, voluntary biodiversity expeditions, they organize round tables for the local population as well as policy makers in the administration. The group publishes relevant technical materials, organizes days of biodiversity and actively communicates through its digital channels.


After studying natural sciences in Germany, an Indian activist campaigns for the establishment of a UNESCO biosphere reserve in his home region. He combines scientific expertise with intensive communications work on the local level. Travelling the villages of the region, he sees the development of organic products as a lever for improved resource protection. For his work and the integrative concept of nature conservation and improving the living conditions, he has clearly structured medium-range aims and ambitions.


An independent Iranian environmental journalist publishes critical reports - which results in an increasing pressure on her work and her family. Nevertheless, the continuation of this work and the critical accompaniment of official developments remain of high importance to her.